Dog Walk Field

We have a 3 acre secure dog walking field which is available for use for £12 per hour (maximum 10 dogs).

The land is a former quarry and laid out on several levels including open pasture space for zoomies. It’s fenced to a minimum of 5 or 6 feet. It may not be suitable for tiny dogs due to some stock fencing – the largest holes are about 4 inch square. Water and toys/balls are available.

Please be aware the ground is uneven in places and there are some sloping and some flat areas. There is a steep drop in one place where barriers are placed to prevent any dogs approaching at speed. It’s not meant to be risk free, but is an interesting space for dogs and safer than the open forest with wildlife, traffic, cyclists and other dog walkers!

Please pick up your dog’s poo and put it in the silver dustbin by the gate.

Email or text for details of times, payment and access. You can pay by PayPal using phone number 07885 576225 (preferred) or cash. Pre-payment is required before the gate lock code is sent, unless by prior arrangement.  

No liability is accepted for any accidents, damage or loss incurred during the use of the dog walking field.

NOTICE: Please stick to your booked time slot, as a courtesy to others, and to eliminate any risk of unwanted dog-to-dog interaction. There are two entrances and the area may look empty but not be. Many of the dogs using the field do so because they need exclusive use to exercise safely off lead.

DIRECTIONS: The dog walk field is opposite the junction of the A4136 and A4151 at Nailbridge. Postcode: GL17 9DA.

From Monmouth: On the A4136 pass through Brierley and come to Hawkwell. The entrance is on the left immediately after the first traffic light.

From Mitcheldean: On the A4136 come down the hill past Harrow Hill church and go straight on at the first traffic lights. The entrance is on the right immediately before the second set of lights.

From Cinderford: On the A4151 pass through Steam Mills and up to the junction of the A4136. Turn right but immediately bear left into the entrance.